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International Journal of Instructional Media

Sep 22, 2004 Volume 31, Number 4

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Client-Side Image Maps: Achieving Accessibility and Section 508 Compliance

    William Beasley & Moana Jarvis

    Image maps are a means of making a picture "clickable", so that different portions of the image can be hyperlinked to different URLS. There are two basic types of image maps: server-side and client... More

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  2. The Instructional Effects of Matching or Mismatching Lesson and Posttest Screen Color

    Roy B. Clariana

    This investigation considers the instructional effects of color as an over-arching context variable when learning from computer displays. The purpose of this investigation is to examine the... More

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  3. Designing an eMap to Teach Multimedia Applications Online

    Michael F. Ruffini

    Teachers and students use multimedia software to create interactive presentations and content projects. Popular multimedia programs include: Microsoft's PowerPoint[R], Knowledge Adventure's... More

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  4. Effect of Varied Concept Mapping Strategies on Student Achievement of Different Educational Objectives

    Charles Xiaoxue Wang & Francis Dwyer

    In the literature, many studies indicate that concept maps as a tool to facilitate learning are effective and robust. However, there is limited research on the appropriate use of concept mapping... More

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  5. The Use of Flash Animations within a WebCT Environment: Enhancing Comprehension of Experimental Procedures in a Biotechnology Laboratory

    Deborah J. Good

    The goals of this study were to increase communication between student and teachers in the Biotechnology 385 course, especially between the different modules of the course by designing a WebCT site... More

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  6. Web-Based Training in Corporations: Organizational Considerations

    Terri Chamers & Doris Lee

    Advances in technology offer the possibility of new methods for delivering instruction. Learning via the Internet is being heralded by many as the new pedagogical model for training. Recent issues ... More

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  7. A Pilot Study of Workshop-Based Instruction Via the Web

    Eric Zhi-Feng Liu

    Industry and academia often hold workshops to promote products or disseminate technical information. This study defined workshop-based instruction (WIW) that coordinates student learning in a... More

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