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International Journal of Instructional Media

Mar 22, 2004 Volume 31, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Effect of Varied Animated Enhancement Strategies in Facilitating Achievement of Different Educational Objectives

    Lin-Chih-Lung & Francis Dwyer

    The purpose of this study was to examine the instructional effectiveness of computer animated instruction, complemented by varied types of instructional strategies (advance organizers and adjunct... More

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  2. Hypermedia in Vocational Learning: A Hypermedia Learning Environment for Training Management Skills

    Udo Konradt

    A learning environment is defined as an arrangement of issues, methods, techniques, and media in a given domain. Besides temporal and spatial features a learning environment considers the social... More

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  3. Coral-View: A Network-Based Design Environment for Collaborative Learning

    Chuen-Tsai Sun & Sunny S. J. Lin

    The vast majority of complex engineering tasks in today's business world are completed using a team-oriented approach. Therefore, teaching collaborative skills to university students can be viewed ... More

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  4. Assessing Higher-Order Thinking Using a Networked Portfolio System with Peer Assessment

    Eric Zhi-Feng Liu, Yi-Chin Zhuo & Shyan-Ming Yuan

    In the past, the quantitative evidences of portfolio assessment have been explored under online instruction. Liu, Lin, and Yuan provide a long-term measure of peer-self, peer-instructor and self... More

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  5. Guiding Distance Educators in Building Web-Based Instructions

    Hsiu-Mei Huang & Shu-Sheng Liaw

    The advent of Web-based instructions, which relies upon the Internet, emphasizes the need for a clear understanding of how learners process and encode information presented in Web sites for... More

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  6. Innovation: A Multimedia Program Series Focusing on Technological Advances

    Jim Donlevy

    Innovation is an eight-part multimedia television series airing on public broadcasting stations throughout the United States. It focuses on technological breakthroughs and the personalities and... More

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