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International Journal of Instructional Media

Jan 01, 2004 Volume 31, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Bridging the Digital Divide in the Schools of Developing Countries

    Drew Tiene

    The so-called "digital divide" problem, significant disparities in access to technology between the affluent and impoverished, is a global phenomenon that is most serious in the poorest parts of... More

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  2. The Educational Software/Website Effectiveness Survey

    Joseph M. Furner & Debra Daigle

    In today's growing technological age of educational software and interactive Internet teaching/learning websites, it is important to note that educators must take the time to see that the... More

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  3. The Pedagogical Design of ICT Integration in Online Learning: A Case Study

    Cher Ping Lim, David Hung, Philip Wong & Chun Hu

    Over the last decade, individuals have witnessed an increasing proliferation of online learning as the hallmark of learning with technologies. Papers and books have been written stipulating how... More

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  4. Teaching Statistics from a Distance: What Have We Learned?

    Scott W. Brown & Jonna M. Kulikowich

    The current study was designed to examine the delivery of a graduate course in statistics via distance education compared to the same course offered in its standard lecture format. The sample for... More

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  5. A Pragmatic Instructional Design Model for Distance Learning

    Lucinda L. Willis & Barbara B. Lockee

    Though distance education can be a different educational experience from more traditional classroom instruction, it is, nonetheless, founded in instructional systems design (ISD). As such, the... More

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  6. Elaborative Questions in Web-Based Text Materials

    Michele M. Dornisch & Rayne A. Sperling

    Mayer's SOI theory suggests that supplements added to designed environments can promote learners' knowledge construction and that different types of supplements will serve different purposes in... More

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