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International Journal of Instructional Media

2000 Volume 27, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Teachers, Technology, and Training: Closing the Digital Divide: ELITE Schools--Transforming Special Education in Public and Private Settings

    Jim Donlevy

    Proposes ELITE (Everyone Learning with Information Technology) Schools as one remedy to transform schooling for children in special education, particularly institutionally-placed foster care... More

    pp. 1-20

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  2. Distance Education Complexities: Questions To Be Answered

    Francis Dwyer & Ning Li

    Discussion of the development of distance education for instruction and training due to new technologies and software focuses on questions that need to be asked to ensure efficiency and... More

    pp. 25-28

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  3. A Proposal for an Instructional Technology and Media Center for Distance Educators

    Armand St-Pierre

    Presents a proposal describing the characteristics that a modern ITMC (Instructional Technology and Media Center) for distance educators who teach in the Office of Continuing Education, via the... More

    pp. 29-35

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  4. Measuring the Effect of Distance Education on the Learning Experience: Teaching Accounting via PictureTel

    Michael A. Harnar, Scott W. Brown & Hayley J. Mayall

    Describes a distance education instrument developed to assess students' knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors in a college-level accounting course presented via distance education using compressed... More

    pp. 37-49

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  5. Instructional Technology Adoption in Higher Education: An Action Research Case Study

    Melissa M. Groves & Paula C. Zemel

    Describes an action research study of faculty and graduate teaching assistants at the University of Tennessee that was conducted to assess technology use by faculty, including their perceived... More

    pp. 57-65

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  6. Technology and the Educational Process: Transforming Classroom Activities

    Devon C. Duhaney

    Explores the integration of technology into the education process and some of the changes they have generated in classroom activities. Topics include technology in teaching and learning activities;... More

    pp. 67-72

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  7. A Problem-Solving Model of Quadratic Min Values Using Computer

    Sang Sook Choi-Koh

    Discusses mathematics education in Korea, describes problems with computer software for math, and introduces a problem-solving model using the computer as a tool. Discusses visualization, problem... More

    pp. 73-82

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