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International Journal of Instructional Media

1994 Volume 21, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Implications of Technology for the Enhancement of Decisions in School-Based Management Schools

    John A. Brown

    Investigates the relationship between technology and the decision-making process in school-based management (SBM) schools. Reports a number of statistically significant findings pertaining to the... More

    pp. 87-95

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  2. Multimedia Classrooms and Delivery Systems

    T M Rajkumar & Donald L. Dawley

    With the advances in multimedia, classrooms and the supporting infrastructures are undergoing changes. Advances that are taking place in multimedia and computer networking are described. Selected... More

    pp. 107-19

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  3. A Level Beyond: Preparing Teachers for an Age of Complexity

    David Fowler & Yue Hua Zhang

    Presents a general model for introducing preservice teachers to instructional technology; a key premise of this model is a view of technology as an evolving complex system. Reviews the properties... More

    pp. 119-35

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  4. Using a Self-Reference Strategy To Enhance Memory for Computer-Assisted Instruction

    Richard S. Velayo

    Examines how well students remember information presented through computer-assisted instruction as a function of a self-reference strategy. Memory test scores and student confidence levels were... More

    pp. 137-46

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