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International Journal of Instructional Media

1993 Volume 20, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Exploring the Role of the Deliverer in Distance Education

    Liz Thach

    Analyzes current research on successful distance education programs. Reviews the learning communication process; identifies responsibilities of the deliverer: conduct a learner needs assessment,... More

    pp. 289-307

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  2. A Survey on the Perceptions of Elementary Teachers' Use of Technology and the Implications for Inservice

    Sabrina Su-Fen Chin & John A. Hortin

    A survey of urban Kansas elementary teachers found that although 93% of teachers had 16-25 students, 50% had 1-10 computers, 93% of which were Apple II series; that the most used technology was TV-... More

    pp. 317-32

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  3. Computer-Assisted Instruction Effectiveness...A Brief Review of the Research

    Shousan Wang & Phillip J. Sleeman

    Reviews research in computer-assisted instruction (CAI): early research; quantitative (meta-analysis); computer drill and practice; and related subjects: cognitive style differences, instructional ... More

    pp. 333-48

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  4. The Use of Computers in the Teaching of Plastic Arts

    Pierre Pelletier

    A study to determine whether computer software could meet objectives of the Ministry of Education's (Quebec, Canada) secondary school plastic arts program found that SuperPaint enabled students to ... More

    pp. 349-59

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