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International Journal of Instructional Media

1993 Volume 20, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Preconceptions of Mediated Instruction for Various Domains of Learning Outcomes

    Katherine S. Cennamo

    Analysis of a survey of 42 undergraduate students rating ease of learning psychomotor skills, intellectual skills, attitudes, and verbal information from books, television, computers, and... More

    pp. 195-206

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  2. A Model of an Expanded-Frame Hypermedia Knowledge-Base for Instruction

    Mark J. Lacy & R Kent Wood

    Argues that current computer-based instruction does not exploit the instructional possibilities of computers. Critiques current models of computer-based instruction: behaviorist as too linear and... More

    pp. 207-12

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  3. The Effects of Self-Regulatory Skills and Type of Instructional Control on Learning from Computer-Based Instruction

    Yong-Chil Yang

    A study of 67 sixth graders assigned to four instructional treatments examines the relationship between level of self-regulatory skills and type of instructional control in computer-based... More

    pp. 225-41

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  4. A Comparison of the Relative Effectiveness of Computer-Assisted Instruction and Conventional Methods for Teaching an Operations Management Course in a School of Business

    Shousan Wang & Phillip J. Sleeman

    A comparison of the effectiveness of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) and conventional instruction (CI) revealed no differences in performance and retention level scores after adjusting for... More

    pp. 225-34

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  5. The Basic Instructional Media Course for Teacher Education

    Edward F. Newren & Edward B. Lasher

    A survey of teacher education programs in Ohio examined the content and methods of instructional media and technology courses. Discusses topics that should be included in a basic instructional... More

    pp. 251-62

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