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International Journal of Instructional Media

1993 Volume 20, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. The Power of Interactive Videodisc Technology

    Vykuntapathi Thota

    An interactive videodisc (IVD) system enables a student to practice skills that would otherwise be too costly or dangerous to attempt. IVD designers, utilizing the principle of hypermedia,... More

    pp. 87-95

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  2. Study Notes for an Interactive Videodisc Lesson: Post-Hoc Analysis of a Comparison of Matrix Notes with Conventional Notes

    Arthur P. Jones

    Notetaking and note reviewing appear to increase learning from conventional instruction. An experiment on notetaking with interactive videodisk (IVD) did not mirror these findings. With the IVD... More

    pp. 97-104

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  3. The Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Various Distance Learning Methods

    Mabel Au & Chan Yan Chong

    A survey was conducted on one of the largest distance learning institutions in Hong Kong on students' reactions to various distance teaching media, including face-to-face instruction, written... More

    pp. 105-26

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  4. A Comparative Evaluation of a Distant Education Course for Female Students at King Saud University

    Abdussalam A. Nakshabandi

    Evaluates an economics course at King Saud University designed originally for conventional classroom instruction and adapted for its simultaneous instruction for male students in the originating... More

    pp. 127-36

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  5. What To Do, Instead of Counterproductive, Standardized Curricula and Testing

    Mark Keegan

    Presents evidence against the use of standardized curricula and testing and in favor of discovery-based instruction. Describes a successful experience with a relatively new form of discovery-based ... More

    pp. 145-54

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  6. What Are We Saying? A Glossary of Communication & Technology Terms in the Learning Environment

    Art Lavi

    Defining terminologies accurately is a necessity in the learning environment. A glossary of related terms, developed by an instructor in a teacher training college is provided. "Applied" rather... More

    pp. 163-80

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