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Science Education

2003 Volume 87, Number 4

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Designed Curriculum and Local Culture: Acknowledging the Primacy of Classroom Culture

    Kurt D. Squire, James G. MaKinster, Michael Barnett, April Lynn Luehmann & Sasha L. Barab

    Examines four teachers implementing a project-based curriculum (Air Quality module) on a web-based platform (ActiveInk Network) in four very different settings. Discusses each case across two... More

    pp. 468-89

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  2. Research towards an Expanded Understanding of Inquiry Science beyond One Idealized Standard

    Nancy Butler Songer, Hee-Sun Lee & Scott McDonald

    Examines the implementation and adaptation of Kids as Global Scientists (KGS), an inquiry-based, technology-rich middle school environment. Examines three classrooms of urban teachers in high... More

    pp. 490-516

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  3. WISE Design for Knowledge Integration

    Marcia C. Linn, Douglas Clark & James D. Slotta

    Examines the implementation of Web-based Inquiry Science Environment (WISE), which can incorporate modeling tools and hand-held devices. Describes WISE design team practices, features of the WISE... More

    pp. 517-38

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