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Science Education

2018 Volume 102, Number 4

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Targeting Disciplinary Practices in an Online Learning Environment

    Z. Jaber, Vesal Dini, David Hammer & Ethan Danahy

    The "Framework for K-12 Science Education" (National Research Council, 2012) outlines eight practices to represent the diverse ways scientists construct and evaluate knowledge. Engaging... More

    pp. 668-692

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  2. Reading between the Lines: The Effect of Contextual Factors on Student Motivation throughout an Open Inquiry Process

    Idit Adler, Liron Schwartz, Nir Madjar & Michal Zion

    Inquiry provides opportunities to engage students in authentic science. Although inquiry's underlying principles can motivate students to learn, the challenges that students encounter may hamper... More

    pp. 820-855

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