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Physics Education

2018 Volume 53, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Understanding "Human" Waves: Exploiting the Physics in a Viral Video

    Chantal Ferrer-Roca

    Waves are a relevant part of physics that students find difficult to grasp, even in those cases in which wave propagation kinematics can be visualized. This may hinder a proper understanding of... More

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  2. Learning to Teach Inquiry with ICT

    Trinh-Ba Tran, van den Berg , Ton Ellermeijer & Jos Beishuizen

    Research has shown that the objectives for laboratory teaching--just as with other teaching methods--are often not achieved and that many laboratory sessions are ineffective and yet expensive in... More

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  3. Study of the Conservation of Mechanical Energy in the Motion of a Pendulum Using a Smartphone

    Theodoros Pierratos & Hariton M. Polatoglou

    A common method that scientists use to validate a theory is to utilize known principles and laws to produce results on specific settings, which can be assessed using the appropriate experimental... More

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  4. Looking at Phosphorescence with a Smartphone, Explaining Phosphorescence with a Dice Toy Model

    Massimiliano Malgieri, Tommaso Rosi, Pasquale Onorato & Stefano Oss

    We present an educational approach to the phenomenon of phosphorescent emission. The approach is based on a stochastic toy model, in which electron states are represented by rows of squares on a... More

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