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Physics Education

2017 Volume 52, Number 6

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  1. Investigating the Free-Body Diagram of a Stationary Object on an Inclined Plane Using Apple Watch

    Ufuk Dilek & Serap Çaliskan

    In this study, we present an activity in which the free-body diagram of a real stationary object on an inclined plane can be examined interactively. We use an Apple Watch and a few other materials ... More

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  2. In-Class Use of Clickers and Clicker Tests Improve Learning and Enable Instant Feedback and Retests via Automated Grading

    Nancy A. Burnham, Snehalata V. Kadam & Erin DeSilva

    An audience response system ("clickers") was gradually incorporated into introductory physics courses at Worcester Polytechnic Institute during the years 2011-14. Clickers were used in... More

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  3. Ionizing Radiation Measurements Using Low Cost Instruments for Teaching in College or High-School in Brazil

    M. C. Silva, D. C. Vilela, V. G. Migoto, M. P. Gomes, I. M. Martin & J. S. E. Germano

    Ionizing radiation one of modern physics experimental teaching in colleges and high school can be easily implemented today due to low coasts of detectors and also electronic circuits and data... More

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  4. Measurement of 3-Axis Magnetic Fields Induced by Current Wires Using a Smartphone in Magnetostatics Experiments

    B. Setiawan, R. D. Septianto, D. Suhendra & F. Iskandar

    This paper describes the use of an inexpensive smartphone's magnetic sensor to measure magnetic field components (B[subscript x], B[subscript y] and B[subscript z]) induced by current wires in... More

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  5. Searching for Potentially Habitable Extra Solar Planets: A Directed-Study Using Real Data from the NASA "Kepler"-Mission

    Michael C. LoPresto & Hector Ochoa

    What follows is a description of the procedure for a directed-study in which a student, guided by a faculty member, attempted to identify potentially habitable exoplanets using actual data... More

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  6. Using the Arduino with MakerPlot Software for the Display of Electrical Device Characteristics

    Keith Atkin

    This paper shows how very simple circuitry attached to an Arduino microcontroller with MakerPlot software can be used for the display of electrical characteristic curves of three commonly available... More

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