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Physics Education

July 2015 Volume 50, Number 4

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Using Tracker to Understand "Toss Up" and Free Fall Motion: A Case Study

    Loo Kang Wee, Kim Kia Tan, Tze Kwang Leong & Ching Tan

    This paper reports the use of Tracker as a computer-based learning tool to support effective learning and teaching of "toss up" and free fall motion for beginning secondary three (15?year... More

    pp. 436-442

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  2. Kundt's Tube Experiment Using Smartphones

    Sara Orsola Parolin & Giovanni Pezzi

    This article deals with a modern version of Kundt's tube experiment. Using economic instruments and a couple of smartphones, it is possible to "see" nodes and antinodes of standing... More

    pp. 443-447

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  3. Physics Demonstrations with the Arduino Board

    Štepánka Kubínová & Jan Šlégr

    In everyday praxis we often need to demonstrate measuring devices--such as thermometers, manometers and voltmeters--with large enough displays that they can easily be read from anywhere in the... More

    pp. 472-474

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  4. Interference Phenomenon with Mobile Displays

    Kenneth Trantham

    A simple experiment is presented in which the spacing and geometric pattern of pixels in mobile displays is measured. The technique is based on optical constructive interference. While the... More

    pp. 475-481

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