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Physics Education

September 2014 Volume 49, Number 5

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Vernier Caliper and Micrometer Computer Models Using Easy Java Simulation and Its Pedagogical Design Features--Ideas for Augmenting Learning with Real Instruments

    Loo Kang Wee & Hwee Tiang Ning

    This paper presents the customization of Easy Java Simulation models, used with actual laboratory instruments, to create active experiential learning for measurements. The laboratory instruments... More

    pp. 493-499

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  2. Pre-Service Teachers' Approaches to a Historical Problem in Mechanics

    Massimiliano Malgieri, Pasquale Onorato, Paolo Mascheretti & Anna De Ambrosis

    In this paper we report on an activity sequence with a group of 29 pre-service physics teachers based on the reconstruction and analysis of a thought experiment that was crucial for Huygens'... More

    pp. 500-511

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  3. Learning and Teaching with a Computer Scanner

    G Planinsic, B Gregorcic & E Etkina

    This paper introduces the readers to simple inquiry-based activities (experiments with supporting questions) that one can do with a computer scanner to help students learn and apply the concepts of... More

    pp. 586-595

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