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Physics Education

November 2013 Volume 48, Number 6

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Electron-Atom Collisions in Gases

    Yaakov Kraftmakher

    Electron-atom collisions in gases are an aspect of atomic physics. Three experiments in this field employing a thyratron are described: (i) the Ramsauer-Townsend effect, (ii) the excitation and... More

    pp. 746-749

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  2. High-Speed Video Analysis of Damped Harmonic Motion

    J Poonyawatpornkul & P Wattanakasiwich

    In this paper, we acquire and analyse high-speed videos of a spring-mass system oscillating in glycerin at different temperatures. Three cases of damped harmonic oscillation are investigated and... More

    pp. 782-789

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