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Physics Education

November 2011 Volume 46, Number 6

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Number of articles: 3

  1. The Josephson Effect: 50 Years of Science and Technology

    Paul A. Warburton

    The Josephson effect, the 50th anniversary of which will be celebrated in 2012, remains one of the most spectacular manifestations of quantum mechanics in all of experimental science. It was first ... More

    pp. 669-675

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  2. Acceleration and Rotation in a Pendulum Ride, Measured Using an iPhone 4

    Ann-Marie Pendrill & Johan Rohlen

    Many modern cell phones have built-in sensors that may be used as a resource for physics education. Amusement rides offer examples of many different types of motion, where the acceleration leads to... More

    pp. 676-681

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  3. The Use of Computer-Simulated Trajectories to Teach Real Particle Flight

    Michel Gagnon

    The close relationship between charged particles and electromagnetic fields has been well known since the 19th century, thanks to James Clerk Maxwell's brilliant unified theory of electricity and... More

    pp. 712-716

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