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Physics Education

March 2010 Volume 45, Number 2

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Number of articles: 3

  1. How Do We Really Compute with Units?

    B H. Fiedler

    The methods that we teach students for computing with units of measurement are often not consistent with the practice of professionals. For professionals, the vast majority of computations with... More

    pp. 167-172

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  2. Simple Echoes and Subtle Reverberations

    David Keeports

    Reverberation within an enclosed space can be viewed as a superposition of a large number of simple echoes. The echoes that make up the sound of reverberation fall neatly into two categories,... More

    pp. 190-195

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  3. Comparing a Lecture with a Tutorial in Introductory Astronomy

    Michael C. LoPresto

    In recent years, short question-and-answer activities known as lecture tutorials that are designed to help students work with and discover concepts for themselves, rather than simply being told... More

    pp. 196-201

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