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Physics Education

November 2008 Volume 43, Number 6

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Build Your Own Interactive Science Centre

    John Williams

    The value of creating an interactive science centre in a school context is explored. Practical advice is given about how to go about this, and its possible impact on the school and the improved... More

    pp. 580-587

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  2. An Automated Gasometer for the Teaching Laboratory

    Frank Thompson & Matouk Elamari

    Measurement of the level of a liquid is needed in many hydrodynamic situations. In the present article, this has been achieved with a conductivity sensor for the specific case of water levels. The ... More

    pp. 588-592

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  3. Design and Calibration of an Inexpensive Digital Anemometer

    R Hernandez-Walls, E Rojas-Mayoral, L Baez-Castillo & B Rojas-Mayoral

    An inexpensive and easily implemented device to measure wind velocity is proposed. This prototype has the advantage of being able to measure both the speed and the direction of the wind in two... More

    pp. 593-598

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  4. The Physics of the Data Projector

    Alastair Reid

    Data projectors have become a common sight in school classrooms, often in conjunction with an interactive whiteboard. Long periods of continuous use coupled with the transfer of a large amount of... More

    pp. 599-603

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  5. The Effects of 3D Computer Modelling on Conceptual Change about Seasons and Phases of the Moon

    Huseyin Kucukozer

    In this study, prospective science teachers' misconceptions about the seasons and the phases of the Moon were determined, and then the effects of 3D computer modelling on their conceptual changes... More

    pp. 632-636

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