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Physics Education

September 2008 Volume 43, Number 5

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Number of articles: 3

  1. The Physics of Colonel Kittinger's Longest Lonely Leap

    A W. Robinson & C G. Patrick

    We present a case study of the physical principles necessary to model the high altitude parachute jump made by Colonel Joseph Kittinger, USAF, in 1960, in order to determine the maximum speed... More

    pp. 477-482

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  2. Resonance and Radio

    Malin J. Starrett

    The science and technology of radio receives little attention in contemporary education. This article discusses ways to explore the basic operating principles of radio. (Contains 4 figures, 3... More

    pp. 515-518

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  3. Observation of Planetary Motion Using a Digital Camera

    Jan-Peter Meyn

    A digital SLR camera with a standard lens (50 mm focal length, f/1.4) on a fixed tripod is used to obtain photographs of the sky which contain stars up to 8[superscript m] apparent magnitude. The... More

    pp. 525-529

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