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Physics Education

January 2007 Volume 42, Number 1

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Number of articles: 2

  1. GloLab: Creating a Global Internet-Accessible Laboratory

    A Maziewski, W Dobrogowski & Zablotskii

    We suggest the creation of a Global Web Laboratory (we call it "GloLab") for scientific purposes and teaching experiments online. In this article, we discuss the main principles and problems of... More

    pp. 72-75

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  2. An Exercise in Modelling Using the US Standard Atmosphere

    Michael C. LoPresto & Diane A. Jacobs

    In this exercise the US Standard Atmosphere is used as "data" that a student is asked to model by deriving equations to reproduce it with the help of spreadsheet and graphing software. The exercise... More

    pp. 76-80

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