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Journal of Geography

January 2008 Volume 107, Number 1

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Designing a Structured and Interactive Learning Environment Based on GIS for Secondary Geography Education

    Suxia Liu & Xuan Zhu

    Geographic information systems (GIS) are computer-based tools for geographic data analysis and spatial visualization. They have become one of the information and communications technologies for... More

    pp. 12-19

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  2. Using PlacesOnline in Instructional Activities

    Michael W. Longan, Francis Owusu & Curtis C. Roseman is a Web portal that provides easy access to high quality Web sites that focus on places from around the world. It is intended for use by a wide range of people, including... More

    pp. 20-26

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  3. The Use of Virtual Globes as a Spatial Teaching Tool with Suggestions for Metadata Standards

    Richard B. Schultz, Joseph J. Kerski & Todd C. Patterson

    Virtual Globe software has become extremely popular both inside and outside of educational settings. This software allows users to explore the Earth in three dimensions while streaming satellite... More

    pp. 27-34

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