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Journal of Geography

2006 Volume 105, Number 4

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  1. Comparing Teacher-Directed and Computer-Assisted Instruction of Elementary Geography Place Vocabulary

    Denise E. Salsbury

    Increased knowledge of geographic place name vocabulary continues to be important to student academic success. Place knowledge is a vital part of students' learning to be responsible citizens by... More

    pp. 147-154

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  2. Interactive Problem-Solving Geography: An Introduction in Chinese Classrooms to Locational Analysis

    Nu Nu Wai & John H. Giles

    Reform in geography education, as reflected in "Geography for Life: National Geography Standards" (1994) for the U.S.A., favors a constructivist approach to learning. This study examines the... More

    pp. 155-166

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  3. Inverse Distance Learning: Digitally Enhancing a Geography Field-Course

    John Hasse & Chuck Colvard

    This paper explores the use of technological tools often utilized for traditional distance learning course delivery to provide a means of allowing virtual participation in a month-long geography... More

    pp. 167-174

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  4. Development and Validation of the Test of Geography-Related Attitudes (ToGRA)

    Scott L. Walker

    This paper introduced the development and validation of the Test of Geography-Related Attitudes (ToGRA). The ToGRA measures student attitude on four discrete measures student attitude on four... More

    pp. 175-181

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