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Journal of Educational Psychology

November 2009 Volume 101, Number 4

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Improving Classroom Learning by Collaboratively Observing Human Tutoring Videos while Problem Solving

    Scotty D. Craig, Michelene T. H. Chi & Kurt VanLehn

    Collaboratively observing tutoring is a promising method for observational learning (also referred to as vicarious learning). This method was tested in the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center's... More

    pp. 779-789

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  2. Practice Enables Successful Learning under Minimal Guidance

    Angela Brunstein, Shawn Betts & John R. Anderson

    Two experiments were conducted, contrasting a minimally guided discovery condition with a variety of instructional conditions. College students interacted with a computer-based tutor that presented... More

    pp. 790-802

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  3. Getting a Handle on Learning Anatomy with Interactive Three-Dimensional Graphics

    Andrew T. Stull, Mary Hegarty & Richard E. Mayer

    In 2 experiments, participants learned bone anatomy by using a handheld controller to rotate an on-screen 3-dimensional bone model. The on-screen bone either included orientation references, which ... More

    pp. 803-816

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