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Journal of Economic Education

1999 Volume 30, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Using Electronic Data Tools in Writing Assignments

    Jonathan B. Wight

    Describes an exercise, step-by-step, for developing critical thinking while exposing students to electronic-data skills. Argues that the exercise enhances critical thinking by forcing students to... More

    pp. 21-27

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  2. Net News--Old Wine in a New Bottle?

    George Bredon

    Observes that instructors may not use news items extensively as a source of assigned materials because of the cost incurred in their procurement. Argues that the Internet provides a much less... More

    pp. 28-32

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  3. Using Groupware to Enhance Teaching and Learning in Undergraduate Economics

    Steven A. Greenlaw

    Defines groupware and sets up a theoretical justification for its use in teaching. Using the groupware application Forum, shows how groupware can enable electronic discussion that captures the best... More

    pp. 33-42

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  4. A Case Method for Teaching Statistics

    William L. Carlson

    Argues that knowledge of statistics is becoming increasingly important for economics students. Presents a lesson to improve the learning of statistics and communication skills using short cases... More

    pp. 52-58

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