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International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

1972 Volume 3, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. An Experiment in Teaching College Mathematics

    Manfred Kochen & Gail Dreyfuss

    The content and operation of an experimental mathematics course designed primarily to modify and shape attitudes towards mathematics is described. The resulting attitude changes are discussed. (DT) More

    pp. 315-328

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  2. Mathematics, Science of Possibility

    C P. Ormell

    pp. 329-341

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  3. Operational Research Education for Practitioners and Managers

    K B. Haley

    pp. 343-347

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  4. An Elementary Derivation of the Distribution of the Variance in Normal Samples

    Ulf Torstensson

    pp. 363-365

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  5. MINISCORE - A Computer Program for Scoring Multiple Choice Tests and its Relation to Self Learning Assessment Modules (SLAM)

    M D. Buckley-Sharp & F T. C. Harris

    pp. 367-373

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  6. Trial of an Adversary Hearing: Public Policy in Weather Modification

    William Fairley & Frederick Mosteller

    The organization, presentation, and results of a mock adversary hearing on a topic involving the use of simple and complex statistics is described. The use of this format as a teaching technique... More

    pp. 375-383

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