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Instructional Science: An International Journal of the Learning Sciences

2016 Volume 44, Number 4

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Number of articles: 4

  1. The Impact of Procedural and Epistemological Knowledge on Conceptual Understanding: The Case of Density and Floating-Sinking Phenomena

    Anastasios Zoupidis, Dimitrios Pnevmatikos, Anna Spyrtou & Petros Kariotoglou

    The aim of the present study was twofold. First, we aimed to replicate the findings of previous studies which had showed a substantial improvement on procedural and epistemological knowledge after ... More

    pp. 315-334

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  2. Show Me Your Opinion. Perceptual Cues in Creating and Reading Argument Diagrams

    Marije van Amelsvoort & Alfons Maes

    In argument diagrams, perceptual cues are important to aid understanding. However, we do not know what perceptual cues are used and produced to aid understanding. We present two studies in which we... More

    pp. 335-357

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  3. The Effectiveness of Volition Support (VoS) in Promoting Students' Effort Regulation and Performance in an Online Mathematics Course

    ChanMin Kim & Kimberly N. Bennekin

    The purposes of this study were to investigate (a) the effects of volition support (VoS) on students' motivation, effort regulation, and performance as well as (b) the perceptions of students about... More

    pp. 359-377

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  4. Responsive Teaching, Informal Learning and Cultural Tools in Year Nine Ensemble Practice: A Lost Opportunity

    Cecilia Wallerstedt & Niklas Pramling

    In the present study we investigate what problems adolescents in year-nine compulsory school face when trying to learn to play a song together, how they take on these, and how their teacher... More

    pp. 379-397

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