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Instructional Science: An International Journal of the Learning Sciences

July 2012 Volume 40, Number 4

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  1. Productive Failure in Learning the Concept of Variance

    Manu Kapur

    In a study with ninth-grade mathematics students on learning the concept of variance, students experienced either direct instruction (DI) or productive failure (PF), wherein they were first asked... More

    pp. 651-672

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  2. Delaying Instruction: Evidence from a Study in a University Relearning Setting

    Katharina Westermann & Nikol Rummel

    To promote student learning in a relearning situation in university-level mathematics, we developed the learning method TAU ("Think Ask Understand"). TAU provides support (i.e. a role script) for... More

    pp. 673-689

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  3. Evaluating Metacognitive Scaffolding in Guided Invention Activities

    Ido Roll, Natasha G. Holmes, James Day & Doug Bonn

    Invention and Productive Failure activities ask students to generate methods that capture the important properties of some given data (e.g., uncertainty) before being taught the expert solution.... More

    pp. 691-710

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  4. Does Group Composition Affect Learning by Invention?

    Michael Wiedmann, Ryan C. Leach, Nikol Rummel & Jennifer Wiley

    Schwartz and Martin ("Cogn Instr" 22:129-184, 2004) as well as Kapur ("Instr Sci", this issue, 2012) have found that students can be better prepared to learn about mathematical formulas when they... More

    pp. 711-730

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