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Instructional Science: An International Journal of the Learning Sciences

September 2009 Volume 37, Number 5

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  1. Metacognition in Chemical Education: Question Posing in the Case-Based Computerized Learning Environment

    Zvia Kaberman & Yehudit Judy Dori

    Posing questions about an article might improve one's knowledge--a cognitive function, or monitor one's thought processes--a metacognitive function. This study focuses on guided question posing... More

    pp. 403-436

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  2. Unraveling the Influence of Domain Knowledge during Simulation-Based Inquiry Learning

    Ard W. Lazonder, Pascal Wilhelm & Emiel van Lieburg

    This study investigated whether the mere knowledge of the meaning of variables can facilitate inquiry learning processes and outcomes. Fifty-seven college freshmen were randomly allocated to one of... More

    pp. 437-451

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  3. Design and Evaluation of a Development Portfolio: How to Improve Students' Self-Directed Learning Skills

    Wendy Kicken, Saskia Brand-Gruwel, Jeroen van Merrienboer & Wim Slot

    In on-demand education, students often experience problems with directing their own learning processes. A Structured Task Evaluation and Planning Portfolio (STEPP) was designed to help students... More

    pp. 453-473

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  4. The Complexity of Tool Use in Computer-Based Learning Environments

    Geraldine Clarebout & Jan Elen

    Starting from Perkins' (1985) framework, this study addresses tool use in a computer-based learning environment. In line with Perkins, first the effects of tool use on performance were investigated... More

    pp. 475-486

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  5. Exploring the Deep-Level Reasoning Questions Effect during Vicarious Learning among Eighth to Eleventh Graders in the Domains of Computer Literacy and Newtonian Physics

    Barry Gholson, Amy Witherspoon, Brent Morgan, Joshua K. Brittingham, Robert Coles, Arthur C. Graesser, Jeremiah Sullins & Scotty D. Craig

    This paper tested the deep-level reasoning questions effect in the domains of computer literacy between eighth and tenth graders and Newtonian physics for ninth and eleventh graders. This effect... More

    pp. 487-493

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