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Foreign Language Annals

2006 Volume 39, Number 4

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Explicit Input Enhancement: Effects on Target and Non-Target Aspects of Second Language Acquisition

    Carolyn Gascoigne

    Many recent studies have examined the effectiveness of various types of input enhancement. The following study expands this line of inquiry to include technological applications of language... More

    pp. 551-564

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  2. Web-Based Machine Translation as a Tool for Promoting Electronic Literacy and Language Awareness

    Lawrence Williams

    This article addresses a pervasive problem of concern to teachers of many foreign languages: the use of Web-Based Machine Translation (WBMT) by students who do not understand the complexities of... More

    pp. 565-578

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  3. Technology and Teaching Culture: What Spanish Teachers Do

    Zena Moore

    This study gathered data on Spanish public school teachers' use of existing technologies to teach culture. A questionnaire gathered data on teacher background, use of technology, competence to... More

    pp. 579-594

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  4. Locus of Learning and Affective Strategy Use: Two Factors Affecting Success in Self-Instructed Language Learning

    Jennifer Bown

    As distance learning and other nontraditional methods of language learning become more popular, it is important to understand the factors that influence learners' ability to succeed in such... More

    pp. 640-659

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