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Educational Technology

May 1981 Volume 21, Number 5

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Teacher Commitment to Instructional Design: The Problem of Media Selection and Use

    Francis E. Clark & Jay F. Angert

    Examines the problems encountered in engaging teachers in the specification and selection of media options in the instructional design process. Present inadequacy is traced to: (1) specific... More

    pp. 9-15

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  2. Perry and Piaget: Theoretical Framework for Effective College Course Development

    Constance A. Mellon & Edmund Sass

    Discusses the relationship between Piaget's theory of cognitive development and Perry's theory of intellectual and ethical development, and recommends a framework for their application in course... More

    pp. 29-33

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  3. Educational Technology Research: Computer-Aided Learning of a Foreign Vocabulary

    F L. Engel & J J. Andriessen

    Two experiments assessed individual and group response to using a microcomputer for vocabulary improvement in Dutch to English instruction. Findings indicate that a compromise has to be found... More

    pp. 46-53

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