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American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

1996 Volume 60, Number 4

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Development and Evaluation of a Computer-Assisted Instructional Program in an Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics Course

    Marie A. Chisholm

    Describes development, implementation, and evaluation of a computer-assisted instructional (CAI) program in advanced (doctoral) pharmacotherapeutics at the University of Georgia. All students found... More

    pp. 365-69

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  2. Paper from the Commission To Implement Change in Pharmaceutical Education: Maintaining Our Commitment to Change

    Describes activities and recommendations of the Association of American Colleges of Pharmacy concerning future needs in pharmaceutical education. Focus is on status of and trends in health care... More

    pp. 378-84

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  3. Application of Several Multimedia Approaches to the Teaching of CNS Pharmacology: Parkinson's Disease and Antiparkinsonism Drugs

    Thomas P. Faulkner & Jon E. Sprague

    A multimedia approach to drug therapy for Parkinson's Disease, part of a pharmacy school central nervous system course, integrated use of lecture, textbook, video/graphic technology, the movie ... More

    pp. 417-21

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  4. Adaptation of Different Computerized Methods of Distance Learning to an External PharmD Degree Program

    Irene Petzinger Kaplan

    A distance education course in drug information, scholarly literature evaluation, and biostatistics, offered as part of a doctoral pharmacy program, incorporates teleconferencing and online... More

    pp. 422-25

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