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The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Oct 01, 2003 Volume 4, Number 2


Rory McGreal; Dianne Conrad

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 26

  1. An E-Learning Experience: A written analysis based on my experience in an e-Learning Pilot Project

    Kabita Bose

    This article reports the experience of an e-Learning pilot project selected by the Educational Technology Unit (EduTech) of the Centre for Academic Development (CAD), University of Botswana (UB).... More

  2. OS Software: an alternative to costly Learning Management Systems

    Jim Depow

  3. Handbook of Online Learning Innovations in Higher Education and Corporate Training

    Douglas Shale

  4. Investigating Triggers in CMC Text Transcripts

    Krista Poscente & Patrick Fahy

  5. Authors' Response to Van Petegem

    Jose Bidarra & Ana Dias

  6. The Personalized System of Instruction: Review and Applications to Distance Education

    Lyle Grant & Robert Spencer

    The present paper (a) outlines the basic features of the Personalized System of Instruction (PSI); (b) provides a brief history of PSI; and (c) describes the application of PSI to distance... More

  7. Open Source Software: Two Learning Management Systems

    Jim Depow

  8. e-Research: Methods, Strategies, and Issues

    Christine Von Prummer

  9. Second Language Acquisition Theories as a Framework for Creating Distance Learning Courses

    Eileen Ariza & Sandra

  10. From Cognitive Landscapes to Digital Hyperscapes

    Jose Bidarra & Ana Dias

    The widespread diffusion of e-Learning in organizations has encouraged the discovery of more effective ways for conveying digital information to learners, for instance, via the commonly called... More

  11. Differences Between Traditional and Distance Education Academic Performances: A Meta-Analytic Approach

    Mickey Shachar & Yoram Neumann

    This meta-analysis research estimated and compared the differences between the academic performance of students enrolled in distance education courses relative to those enrolled in traditional... More

  12. Computer-Mediated Communication: A vehicle for learning

    Linda Grooms

    The axiom of humanity’s basic need to communicate provides the impetus to explore the nature and quality of computer-mediated communication as a vehicle for learning in higher education. This... More

  13. Handbook of Distance Education

    Robert Spencer

  14. Reviewer Commentary to Biddara and Dias' From Cognitive Landscapes to Digital Hyperscapes

    Frederick Litto

  15. Online Polling as a Collaborative Tool

    Jim Klaas & Jon Baggaley

  16. Conceptual Integration in Online Interdisciplinary Study: Current Perspective, Theories, and Implications for Future Research

    James Morrison

    The University of Oklahoma's College of Liberal Studies was established as an academic unit in 1960, and provides interdisciplinary education to non-traditional students with programs for Bachelor&... More

  17. Getting the Mix Right Again: An Updated and Theoretical Rationale for Interaction

    Terry Anderson

    No topic raises more contentious debate among educators than the role of interaction as a crucial component of the education process. This debate is fueled by surface problems of definition and... More

  18. Action learning: Images and pathways

    Patrick Fahy

  19. Reviewer Commentary Biddara and Dias' From Cognitive Landscapes to Digital Hyperscapes

    Wim Van Petegem

  20. 100 Collaborative Products and their Uses

    Jon Baggaley, Jim Depow, Jim Klaas & Norine Wark