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The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Oct 01, 2002 Volume 3, Number 2


Rory McGreal; Dianne Conrad

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 22

  1. Global and Critical Visions of Distance Universities and Programs in Latin America

    Miguel Casas Armengol

    The future of any region’s higher education infrastructure cannot be a matter of guesswork; instead it must be built upon a solid foundation that is both rationally and soundly constructed. This... More

  2. International E-learning Specifications

    Norm Friesen & Rory McGreal

  3. When is a Learning Object not an Object: A first step towards a theory of learning objects

    Mike Sosteric & Susan Hesemeier

    For some, “learning objects" are the “next big thing” in distance education promising smart learning environments, fantastic economies of scale, and the power to tap into expanding educational... More

  4. Integrated Collaborative Tools

    Lynn Fujino, Neil Martindale, Sharon Mulder, Clare Woodward & Patrick Fahy

  5. Student Dropout at the Hellenic Open University: Evaluation of the Graduate Program, "Studies in Education"

    Dimitris Vergidis & Chris Panagiotakopoulos

    This study traces the root causes of dropout rates in one post-graduate course “Studies in Education,” offered by the Hellenic Open University (HOU). From our research findings, it was found that... More

  6. Leadership and Distance Education in Higher Education: A US Perspective

    Sonja Irlbeck

  7. Using Web-Based, Group Communication Systems to Support Case Study Learning at a Distance

    Terry Anderson & Liam Rourke

    This study explored the capacity of Web-based, group communication systems to support case-based teaching and learning. Eleven graduate students studying at a distance were divided into three... More

  8. Chat and Instant Messaging Systems (synchronous): Report 3/ 3

    Patrick Fahy, Brian Ludwig, Jon Baggaley & Krista Poscente

  9. Redefining the cost and complexity of library services for open and distance learning

    Stephen Parnell

    Although most universities profess a belief that libraries are a key element in learner support, the full cost and complexity of providing quality library services to support open and distance... More

  10. Role of Delivery, Course Design and Teacher-Student Interaction: Observations of Adult Distance Education and Traditional On-Campus Education

    Om Harsh & M Sohail

  11. Measuring MBA Student Learning: Does Distance Make a Difference?

    Mark Kretovics & James McCambridge

    This article reports on an exploratory research effort in which the extent of MBA student learning on twelve specific competencies relevant to effective business performance was assessed. The... More

  12. Chat and Instant Messaging Systems (synchronous): Report 2/3

    Ellen Kinsel, Merv Roy, Harley Waldman, Donna Woloschuk & Patrick Fahy

  13. The Effectiveness of Web-Based Instruction: An Initial Inquiry

    Tatana Olson & Robert Wisher

    As the use of Web-based instruction increases in the educational and training domains, many people have recognized the importance of evaluating its effects on student outcomes such as learning,... More

  14. The Effect of Self-selection on Student Satisfaction and Performance in Online Classes

    Helen Simon & Pan Yatrakis

  15. Quality Standards in eLearning: A matrix of analysis

    Jia Frydenberg

    Most institutions of postsecondary and higher education are creating or adopting quality statements, standards, and criteria regarding their niche of the “eLearning enterprise.” In doing so, they... More

  16. Online Video Conferencing Products

    Pam Craven, Brian Keppey & Jon Baggaley

  17. Online Education Systems in Scandinavian and Australian Universities: A Comparative Study

    Morten Paulsen

    This article presents a comparative study of online education systems in Norwegian, Swedish, and Australian universities. The online education systems discussed comprise content creation tools and ... More

  18. Simulating the Computer Science Closed Laboratory in an Asynchronous Learning Network

    Timothy Margush

  19. A Study of the Relationship Between Tutor's Personality and Teaching Effectiveness: Does culture make a difference?

    Bobbie Chan

    Good tutoring requires appropriate interpersonal and pedagogical skills. Tutor personality is a major factor affecting how tutors communicate and deals with students, and yet it is a largely... More

  20. Online Polling Services

    Jon Baggaley, Tom Kane & Bill Wade