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Proceedings of the Informing Science and Information Technology Education Conference

Jul 01, 2013


Eli Cohen; Elizabeth Boyd

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Number of papers: 98

  1. Are We Really Having An Impact? A Comprehensive Approach to Assessing Improvements in Critical Thinking in an MBA Program

    Luis Gramajo, Felipe Perez Pineda, Carlos Quintanilla & Luis Sanz, INCAE Business School, Costa Rica

    While executives and faculty recognize the importance of critical thinking skills for business graduates, according to Datar, Garvin and Cullen (2010) it is often debated whether students come into... More

  2. Case Studies in Agribusiness: An Interview with Ray Goldberg

    Grandon Gill, University of South Florida, United States

    Agribusiness refers to the collection global systems involved in the production, distribution and consumption of food and fiber. Since the term was first coined by Harvard Business School (HBS)... More

  3. ECOM Coffee Group: The Hybrid Plant Decision

    Roy Zuniga & Bernard Killian, INCAE Business School, Costa Rica

    A team of students, with faculty supervision, analyze the agribusiness chain of a major global coffee exporter and make recommendations regarding the strategy for introducing hybrid plants for the ... More

  4. Exploring Enterprise Architecture for Change Management

    Raafat Saadé, Concordia University, Canada; James Wan, International Civil Aviation Organization, Canada

    Managing change successfully is crucial for the sustainability of organizations especially in the present continuously evolving ebusiness environment. With ebusiness, it is implied that information... More

  5. Exploring the Addition of Mobile Access to a Healthcare Services Website

    Ruti Gafni, Tel Aviv–Yaffo Academic College, and Open University of Israel, Israel; Ory Barak, Open University of Israel, Israel

    Firms and organizations are aware of the rapid expansion of mobile devices' usage, and therefore decide to develop suitable mobile interfaces in order to allow customers to access their existing... More

  6. Factors Associated with Digital Readiness in Rural Communities in Israel

    Moshe Yitzhaki & Simha Djuraev, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

    In the age of the information and knowledge society, digital readiness has become an important element of economical and social development. Purpose of the study: to assess the level of "digital... More

  7. Informing Minority Communities: The English Speaking Black Community of Montreal. Towards a Deployable Model

    Clarence Bayne & Raafat Saade, Concordia University, Canada

    The Canadian is a complex adaptive social and economic system. It consists of ten Provinces and the North West Territories. It depends on immigration to sustain economic growth.It is a bilingual... More

  8. Informing Patterns of Student Case Writing

    John Ickis, INCAE Business School, Costa Rica; Mislav Omazic, University of Zagreb, Croatia

    During 2002-03, fifty-three undergraduate students from the University of Zagreb participated in the development of case studies on strategic decisions facing Croatian enterprises at a critical... More

  9. Innovation Transfer Management in the Medical Sector

    Malgorzata Nycz, Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland

    This paper is devoted to the transfer of the innovative knowledge from those who possess it to those who could implement it into production (first of all the small and medium size enterprises - SME... More

  10. Knowledge Development Taxonomy and Application Scenarios

    Eckhard Ammann, Reutlingen University, Germany

    Knowledge development in an enterprise is about approaches, methods, techniques and tools that will support the advancement of individual and organizational knowledge for the purpose of an... More

  11. Navigating the Framework Jungle for Teaching Web Application Development

    Joseph Chao, Bowling Green State University, United States; Kevin Parker, Idaho State University, United States; Bill Davey, RMIT University, Australia

    Studies indicate that information systems and computer science programs should place more emphasis on software design topics.Because little significant software in a commercial environment is... More

  12. New Technology Acceptance in Europe and Arabic Cultures: Comparative Study

    Abdullah Rashed & Henrique Santos, University of Minho, Portugal

    Many of the empirical researches have been done in western society and fewer researches have been done in Asia societies, especially Arab culture, where values differ significantly. In this paper, ... More

  13. Novel Genetic Algorithm for Highly Accurate Data Classification using Evolutionary Decision Tree

    Chuan Huang, John Hopkins University, United States

    In order to accurately and efficiently process large and noisy datasets, I designed and implemented a novel algorithm called Direct Encoding Genetic Algorithm (DEGA). It incorporates a novel... More

  14. Novelties in “Business Informatics” Education: Towards Apprenticeship and Interdisciplinarity

    Jerzy Korczak & Mieczyslaw Owoc, University of Economics, Poland

    This paper presents the development of a study program in “Business Informatics” at the Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland and its educational evolution since the InSITE2011. Gathering... More

  15. Informing Systems, Online Learning, Case Studies, Discussion Based Teaching, Participant Centered Learning, Informing Pathways

    Eduardo Montiel, INCAE Business School, Nicaragua

    As business schools move more of the learning process online, new challenges arise particularly for case method facilitators, students, and researchers. Based on a review of the recent literature... More

  16. Openness of Information-Communications Systems: The Rescue Tool for Preserving Information Age Heritage

    Fjodor Ruzic, Institute for Informatics, Croatia

    Information communication systems contextually are similar to the informing science idea and they are conveyed by three main categories making them operational in a real life environment. These... More

  17. Pattern-Based Enterprise Systems: Models, Tools and Practices

    Sergey Zykov, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russian Federation

    Building enterprise software is a dramatic challenge due to data size, complexity and rapid growth of the both in time. The issue becomes even more dramatic when it gets to integrating... More

  18. Presenting an Alternative Source Code Plagiarism Detection Framework for Improving the Teaching and Learning of Programming

    Frederik Hattingh, Albertus Buitendag & Jacobus Van Der Walt, Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa

    The transfer and teaching of programming and programming related skills has become, increasingly difficult on an undergraduate level over the past years. This is partially due to the number of... More

  19. Project Management Principles Applied in Academic Research Projects

    Pollyana Mustaro & Rogerio Rossi, Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Brazil

    The achievement of academic research involves a series of steps and activitiesthat must be managed in order to avoid delays, development problems (due to unforeseen risks) and even monitoring ... More

  20. Statistical Properties of Alpha-Beta Coding

    Vilius Normantas, Institute of Mathematics AS Republic of Tajikistan, Tajikistan

    In this paper a type of text coding is presented. The essence of alpha-beta coding is that letters of every word-token of a given text are sorted in a specific way to create a code of that word.... More