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International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences

Feb 20, 2015 Volume 48, Number

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Number of articles: 18

  1. A Study of Carter’s<i> Wolf_Alice</i> Based on Showalter’s Gynocriticism

    Azadeh Nouri & Fatemeh Aziz Mohammadi, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    One of the most radical and stylish fiction authors of the 20th century, Angela Carter, expresses her views of feminism through her various novels and fairy tales. Carter began... More

    pp. 1-8

  2. Educational Intervention in Fostering L2 Learner Autonomy

    Hamid Najaf Pour Sani & Mehdi Vaseghi, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    There is not enough conceptual work done on autonomy relating it to other individual difference variables. Some researchers have investigated the characteristics of L2 English learners in terms of ... More

    pp. 9-30

  3. Suzanne Collins’ <i>Hunger Games</i> and the Society of the Spectacle

    Samira Sasani & Marjan Darayee, Shiraz University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    The theory of spectacle is introduced by Guy Debord in his famous book The Society of Spectacle. Debord presents the society of Spectacle as a mere representation of seemingly real images... More

    pp. 31-40

  4. Governing Globalization and Justice

    Jason L. Powell, University of Chester, United Kingdom

    This article explicates how 21st Century changes in the form of globalization are of historical scale, how they play out in terms of risks and inequalities shaping human experience, and ... More

    pp. 52-64

  5. A Cultural Study of Social Disagreement Strategies by Iranian EFL Male and Female Learners

    Samira Salehipour Bavarsad & Shahla Simin, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    The speech act of disagreement is one of the neglected areas of research in the Iranian context. This study seeks to investigate the ways in which this act is expressed by young male and female... More

    pp. 78-90

  6. Exploring the Relationship between Learners Gender Differences and Communication Apprehension Considering the Class Participation in Iranian EFL Context

    Ali Faridizad & Shahla Simin, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    The ability to communicate effectively is the optimum goal of learning English. Class participation plays a pivotal role in improving oral communication. Some obstacles prevent students from... More

    pp. 91-99

  7. A Gynocritical Study of <i>The Company of Wolves</i> by Angela Carter

    Azadeh Nouri & Fatemeh Aziz Mohammadi, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    In 1979, Carter published one of her mast renowned collections of short fiction, The Bloody Chamber . The majority of Angela Carter’s work revolve around a specific type of feminism, radical... More

    pp. 100-106

  8. Impact of Intellectual Capital on Financial Performance and Market Valuation of Firms in India

    G. Bharathi Kamath, University of Mumbai, India

    The Objective of this paper is to empirically investigate the impact of intellectual capital(IC) on the financial performance and market valuation of firms in India. Thirty firms from S&P BSE... More

    pp. 107-122

  9. The Effects of Perspective-Taking on Perceptual Learning

    Ehsan Hashemi Jabali, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Research in perceptual psychology and anthropology has demonstrated that experts will literally see objects and events in their domain differently than non-experts. Experts can make distinctions... More

    pp. 123-132

  10. A Study of Carter’s <i>The Snow Child</i> in the Light of Showalter’s Theories

    Fatemeh Aziz Mohammadi, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Angela Carter was an English fiction writer and journalist. Her female protagonists often take an empowered roles where they rise up against oppression and fight for both sexual and political... More

    pp. 133-137

  11. The Evaluation of the Performance of Primary and Secondary School Managers Using the EFQM Model: A Case from Iran

    Gholamhossein Jannati & Faranak Omidian, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    This study aimed to evaluate the performance of primary and secondary headmasters using the EFQM organizational excellence model in Andimeshk. This was a descriptive survey. The statistical... More

    pp. 138-147

  12. Faye: A 14-Year Old Gifted Disabled Girl and how she Overcame her Learning Disabilities - Prologue: Characteristics of Gifted Families Seeking Counseling

    Hanna David, University of Tel Aviv, Israel

    Most parents meeting me for counseling regarding their gifted children share some common characteristics. They are usually of middle- and upper middle-class socio-economic status, but by no means ... More

    pp. 148-159

  13. The Philosophical Language of Death and Power

    Jason L. Powell, University of Chester, United Kingdom

    This article is concerned with understanding the relationship of philosophical languages of death with the social philosophy of Michel Foucault. Foucault’s theoretical tools ‘make sense’ of... More

    pp. 160-170

  14. Practical Teaching and Learning Evaluation of Computational Fluid Dynamics Based on Traditional Chemical Engineering Curriculum

    Paper was withdrawn due to plagiarism More

    pp. 171-179

  15. Blanche the Aesthete: A Kierkegaardan Reading of a Streetcar Named Desire

    Kamal Abbasi, Razi University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Tennessee Williams, the modern American dramatist, had his own unique school of dramaturgy. The dramas which he depicted are populated by characters who are lonely, desperate, anxious, alienated,... More

    pp. 180-184

  16. Sub-Saharan Africa’s Perspective of Distance Learning

    Nirmal Kumar Betchoo, Université des Mascareignes, Mauritius

    This review article follows the author’s participation in the International DEASA Conference held in Mauritius in December 2014. There is a growing concern over the years to develop Open and... More

    pp. 185-191

  17. Constructing Education for Self-Realization on the Basis of Plato's Human Psychology: The Nigerian Experience

    Paul Jackson Ireyefoju, College of Education, Nigeria

    Education for self realization is one of the cardinal point through wish our national philosophy and educational goals can be realized. Self realization is aimed at self confidence, self... More

    pp. 192-197

  18. Fostering Quality Teachers in Teacher Education in the Context of Internationalization: Tasks Ahead

    Prakash Chandra Jena, Lovely Professional University, India; Rashmi Ranjan Biswal, Ravenshaw University, India

    Education being a process of strengthening human resources, its quality assumes special significance within the larger framework of personal, social and national development. The educational system... More

    pp. 198-203