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International Journal of Research Studies in Educational Technology

Jun 04, 2012 Volume 1, Number 2


Jr. Teodorico Micua

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Moving towards democratic classrooms for the students at the University of Toronto

    Kazi Rouf, University of Toronto, Canada

    The Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI), University of Toronto (UT) has been organizing teaching assistance teaching sessions called “Teaching Assistants Training Program” (TATP)... More

    pp. 3-15

  2. Nature of classroom environment and achievement in integrated science: A test of efficacy of a constructivist instructional strategy

    Thomas Igwebuike, College of Education, Nigeria; Sylvester Oriaifo, University of Benin, Nigeria

    Results of several studies on the relationship between science students’ perceptions of their classroom environments and their cognitive and affective achievements indicate strong association... More

    pp. 17-29

  3. An investigation into senior high school students’ understanding and difficulties in writing chemical formulae of inorganic compounds

    Rexford Baah & Christian Anthony-Krueger, University of Cape Coast, Ghana

    Students’ inability to write correct chemical formulae has for some time been a source of worry to the West African Examinations Council, the body responsible for organizing examinations in West... More

    pp. 31-39

  4. Expanding the frontiers of learning in educational institutions: The roles of and challenges faced by leaders and followers

    Md Azham, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia

    In expanding – nay, breaking – the frontiers of learning in educational institutions, internet is the answer. Indeed, there is now a new mode of learning and teaching with Web 2.0 tools. At the... More

    pp. 41-53

  5. A case analysis on creative school management in Mainland China

    Su Wu, National ChengChi University, Taiwan; Chan Po, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

    This paper provides an insight on the why and how schools in China go about their creative changes. A historical view is given with implications for change. Using a documentary analysis research... More

    pp. 55-59

  6. Educated unemployed youth in Manipur

    Kashung Kengoo, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India

    This article attempt to narrate the condition of providing education in Manipur which is far behind to get into the loop of practicing global educational technology that leads to socio-economic... More

    pp. 61-71

  7. Choosing a career in science: The Nigerian student perception

    U Ezeweani, Delta State University, Nigeria; Rachel Atomatofa, Delta State College of Physical Education, Nigeria

    The selection of subjects is a vital incident in the life of the senior secondary school child hence the need for proper guidance and encouragement to boost their interest and perception of science... More

    pp. 73-81

  8. Does Facebooking make us sad? Hunting relationship between Facebook use and depression among Filipino adolescents

    Jesus Datu, De La Salle University, Philippines; Jana Valdez & Nino Datu, Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Philippines

    The current paper looked at the linkage between the use of Facebook and depression levels of selected Filipino adolescents. Two hundred college students whose ages ranged from 17 to 20, in a... More

    pp. 83-91