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Innovate: Journal of Online Education

October 2008 Volume 5, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. "Innovate-Ideagora": Introducing a New Feature in "Innovate"

    Alan McCord, Denise Easton & James N. Shimabukuro

    Alan McCord, Denise Easton, and James Shimabukuro discuss "Innovate-Ideagora", a new social and professional networking site designed to enhance professional communication in the "Innovate"... More

  2. e-Learning and Action Research as Transformative Practice

    Margaret Farren

    As a reflective practitioner of higher education, Margaret Farren seeks to contribute to a knowledge base of professional practice by using a "living educational theory" form of action research in ... More

  3. Recasting Distance Learning with Network-Enabled Open Education: An Interview with Vijay Kumar

    James L. Morrison & Vijay Kumar

    In an interview with James Morrison, "Innovate's" editor-in-chief, Vijay Kumar describes how rethinking distance learning as network-enabled open education can catalyze a whole new set of learning ... More

  4. Transforming e-Learning into ee-Learning: The Centrality of Sociocultural Participation

    Sandra B. Schneider & Michael A. Evans

    Traditional e-learning efforts use information communication technologies to create and support educational opportunities that are not constrained by temporal and spatial considerations. The focus ... More

  5. Designing for the Student: Users' Styles and Department Web Sites

    Trevor Hall, Ryan Jensen & Daniel McLean

    Academic department Web pages are important tools commonly used to inform students. However, little research has been done to determine what kinds of information students value on department Web... More

  6. Using Student Response Systems to Increase Motivation, Learning, and Knowledge Retention

    David J. Radosevich, Roger Salomon, Deirdre M. Radosevich & Patricia Kahn

    Student response system (SRS) technology is one of many tools available to help instructors create a rich and productive learning environment. David J. Radosevich, Roger Salomon, Deirdre M.... More