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Innovate: Journal of Online Education

2008 Volume 4, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Experiential Work-Integrated Online Learning: Insights from an Established UK Higher Education Program

    Lydia Arnold

    Lydia Arnold explores how work-based learners can embrace technology-enabled ways of learning. The case study of the BA (Honours) Learning Technology Research (BA LTR) program at Anglia Ruskin... More

  2. V-Learning: How Gaming and Avatars Are Engaging Online Students

    Len Annetta, Marta Klesath & Shawn Holmes

    Len Annetta, Marta Klesath, and Shawn Holmes describe how avatars in virtual learning environments (VLEs) can contribute to the learning experience by giving students a sense of social presence and... More

  3. Let Me Learn with My Peers Online!: Foreign Language Learning through Reciprocal Peer Tutoring

    Rayenne Dekhinet, Keith Topping, David Duran & Silvia Blanch

    Rayenne Dekhinet, Keith Topping, David Duran, and Silvia Blanch describe a pilot project on the use of Internet-assisted reciprocal peer tutoring in foreign-language learning. The eight-week... More

  4. Online Teaching and Classroom Change: The Trans-Classroom Teacher in the Age of the Internet

    Susan Lowes

    Online and face-to-face courses are often viewed and studied as two distinct worlds, but the social field of the teacher who teaches them may well include both, and both the teacher and the courses... More

  5. Learning at a Distance: Engaged or Not?

    Pu-Shih Daniel Chen, Robert Gonyea & George Kuh

    In this study, Pu-Shih Chen, Robert Gonyea, and George Kuh compare the engagement of distance learners in educationally effective activities with that of their campus-based counterparts and compare... More

  6. When the Medium Illustrates the Content: Exploiting the Unique Features of Online Communication

    Julie Foertsch & Morton Ann Gernsbacher

    Julie Foertsch and Morton Ann Gernsbacher present the results of an evaluation of an online undergraduate course in psychology that adheres to the seven widely accepted principles of effective... More

  7. Perspective on Certainty-Based Marking: An Interview with Tony Gardner-Medwin

    Reid Cornwell & Tony Gardner-Medwin

    In this edition of Perspectives, Reid Cornwell discusses certainty-based marking (CBM) with Tony Gardner-Medwin, professor emeritus of physiology at University College London (UCL), which adopted a... More