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Innovate: Journal of Online Education

October 2006 Volume 3, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Vision 2010: The Future of Higher Education Business and Learning Applications

    Patrick Carey & Bernard Gleason

    The global software industry is in the midst of a major evolutionary shift--one based on open computing--and this trend, like many transformative trends in technology, is being led by the IT staffs... More

  2. Open Source, Openness, and Higher Education

    David Wiley

    In this article David Wiley provides an overview of how the general expansion of open source software has affected the world of education in particular. In doing so, Wiley not only addresses the... More

  3. Harnessing Open Technologies to Promote Open Educational Knowledge Sharing

    Toru Iiyoshi, Cheryl Richardson & Owen McGrath

    An oft-noted shortcoming of the research on teaching has been the meager description of teachers' knowledge and experience: their intellectual engagement with the subject matter they teach, their... More

  4. Looking toward the Future: A Case Study of Open Source Software in the Humanities

    Harvey Quamen

    In this article Harvey Quamen examines how the philosophy of open source software might be of particular benefit to humanities scholars in the near future--particularly for academic journals with... More

  5. From, by, and for the OSSD: Software Engineering Education Using an Open Source Software Approach

    Kun Huang, Yifei Dong & Xun Ge

    Computing is a complex, multidisciplinary field that requires a range of professional proficiencies. Computing students are expected to develop in-depth knowledge and skills, integrate and apply... More

  6. Getting Open Source Software into Schools: Strategies and Challenges

    Gary Hepburn & Jan Buley

    In this article Gary Hepburn and Jan Buley outline different approaches to implementing open source software (OSS) in schools; they also address the challenges that open source advocates should... More