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Innovate: Journal of Online Education

April 2006 Volume 2, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. A New Way of Thinking about Technology: An Interview with Futurists Joel Barker and Scott Erickson

    James L. Morrison, Joel Barker & Scott Erickson

    Editor-in-chief James Morrison interviews Joel Barker and Scott Erickson, co-authors of the book "Five Regions of the Future: A New Way to Think about Technology". In their book, the authors... More

  2. World's Youth Connect through Global Nomads Group: An Interview with GNG's David Macquart

    James L. Morrison & David Macquart

    Editor-in-chief James L. Morrison talks with David Macquart, co-founder of the Global Nomads Group (GNG), a group dedicated to improving children's cultural understanding by bringing the world into... More

  3. Assessing Principal Internships and Habits of Mind: The Use of Journey Mapping to Enhance Reflection

    Donna Cooner & Ellyn Dickmann

    One way for principal interns to reflect on their own learning during the internship experience is through the use of written journals, which can also provide their supervisors with valuable... More

  4. To Click or Not to Click: That's the Question

    Johnny El-Rady

    Classes of 100 students or more are not uncommon in higher education. With such large enrollments, it can be difficult for instructors to integrate active learning components to the traditional... More

  5. MMOGs as Learning Environments: An Ecological Journey into "Quest Atlantis" and "The Sims Online"

    Michael Young, P G. Schrader & Dongping Zheng

    Michael Young, P. G. Schrader, and Dongping Zheng use the concepts of ecological psychology to examine how massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) promote specific learning processes in their... More

  6. Using Market Segmentation to Develop a Large Section, Web-Enhanced Survey Course

    Jason Cole & Bruce Robertson

    Increasing enrollment and decreasing budgets have caused many public universities, such as San Fransisco State University (SFU), to offer mega-sections of courses to hundreds of students. Yet the... More

  7. A_FLIP to Courseware: A Strategic Alliance for Improving Student Learning Outcomes

    John Shank & Steven Bell

    John Shank and Steven Bell describe A_FLIP (Administrators, Faculty, Librarians Instructional Partnership), a model of professional collaboration that promotes the fuller integration of appropriate... More