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Innovate: Journal of Online Education

June 2005 Volume 1, Number 5

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Places to Go: Connexions

    Stephen Downes

    When compared with, say, blogging, the deployment of learning objects has been slow indeed. While blog aggregation services are recording millions of blogs and hundreds of millions of blog posts,... More

  2. Instructional Blogging: Promoting Interactivity, Student-Centered Learning, and Peer Input

    Stuart Glogoff

    In an instructional environment, online communication tools such as e-mail, listservs, chat rooms, and instant messaging cultivate personal bonds with and among students and promote extended... More

  3. What Can You Learn from a Cell Phone? Almost Anything!

    Marc Prensky

    Today's high-end cell phones have the computing power of a mid-1990s personal computer (PC)--while consuming only one one-hundredth of the energy. Even the simplest, voice-only phones have more... More

  4. Academic Public Service Web Sites and the Future of Virtual Academic Public Service

    Ellen Cohn & Bernard Hibbitts

    Some faculty have started to use the Internet as a bridge to the public instead of merely to each other. Leveraging their specialist knowledge and their academic authority against perceived public ... More

  5. Freedom and Empowerment: An Essay on the Next Step for Education and Technology

    James N. Shimabukuro

    Online instruction has grown about as much as it possibly can within current educational structures. Educators are at the point where something has to give: Either schools will stay the same and... More

  6. Using Screen Recording and Compression Software to Support Online Learning

    Lyn Barnes, Sheila Scutter & Janette Young

    Online education, supported by online resources such as e-mail, chat rooms, and Web-based instruction, is a rapidly growing area of tertiary/higher education that has been facilitated by increased ... More

  7. The Changing Shape of Corporate Universities

    David Baucus & Melissa Baucus

    About seven years ago, technological innovation gave rise to the e-learning industry and the growth of corporate universities. Early in the evolution of the industry, corporate universities... More

  8. Creating Effective Web-Based Learning Environments: Relevant Research and Practice

    Kay Wijekumar

    Web-based learning environments are a great asset only if they are designed well and used as intended. The urgency to create courses in response to the growing demand for online learning has... More