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Innovate: Journal of Online Education

April 2005 Volume 1, Number 4

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Places to Go: New York Public Library Digital Gallery

    Stephen Downes

    This article features the New York Public Library's (NYPL) recently opened Digital Gallery. Containing more than 275,000 images digitized from primary sources and printed rarities, the Digital... More

  2. Network-Based Learning and Assessment Applications on the Semantic Web

    David Gibson

    Today's Web applications are already "aware" of the network of computers and data on the Internet, in the sense that they perceive, remember, and represent knowledge external to themselves. However... More

  3. The Future of Integration, Personalization, and ePortfolio Technologies

    Susan LaCour

    Most educators accept the premise that, in an ideal world, learning would be delivered in the manner and environment that best suit the needs and learning styles of individual learners. In the... More

  4. Cost-Saving Collaboration: Purchasing and Deploying a Statewide Learning Management System


    Higher education is working to integrate next-generation education technology into its learning activities and is struggling to find cost-effective approaches. The learning management systems (LMSs... More

  5. Role Playing in Online Education: A Teaching Tool to Enhance Student Engagement and Sustained Learning

    Tisha Bender

    As online education escalates, it is important for instructors to explore teaching techniques that engage students and enhance learning at a profound level. To achieve this goal, instructors must... More

  6. Full-Featured Web Conferencing Systems

    Joel Foreman & Roy Jenkins

    In order to match the customary strengths of the still dominant face-to-face instructional mode, a high-performance online learning system must employ synchronous as well as asynchronous... More

  7. Aids and Cautions in Planning, Developing, and Delivering Online Instruction in Higher Education

    Cleborne Maddux, Rhoda Cummings, Leping Liu & John Newman

    Currently, less technically oriented faculty members have felt pressure to become more actively involved in the online efforts of their institutions. Many of these faculty members have never before... More

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  8. The Distancing Question in Online Education

    Glenn Russell

    Intellectuals in many fields have long argued that, as the distance between people increases, the possibility for genuine empathy between them decreases. In this article, the author argues that... More