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Innovate: Journal of Online Education

October 2004 Volume 1, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Web Publishing for the Individual, Not the Enterprise

    Jonathan Maybaum

    Academic Web publishing is a complex and difficult challenge. It is not surprising that most universities find it necessary to provide different types of Web publishing infrastructures for their... More

  2. Scaling Up: From Web-Enhanced Courses to a Web-Enhanced Curriculum

    Robert E. Wood

    In the past decade, the most important technological innovation in higher education has been the enhancement of academic courses with Web-based information and tools. Given the success and... More

  3. Experiencing Knowledge

    Donald Norris, Jon Mason & Paul Lefrere

    The experience of engaging with the knowledge and views of others is arguably as important as the actual knowledge with which one engages. Engagement is shaped by social and organizational norms,... More

  4. The Future of Learning Technologies: An Interview with Chris Dede

    James L. Morrison & Chris Dede

    Chris Dede, Wirth Professor of Learning Technologies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is a leading authority on learning technologies and the ways in which they shape education. As a... More