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International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education

January 2010 Volume 6, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Instructor Satisfaction with Teaching Business Law: Online Vs. Onground

    Louis Swartz, Michele Cole & Daniel Shelley, Robert Morris University, United States

    Our study presents the results of a satisfaction survey of business law instructors who have taught, or are teaching, online and/or onground. The authors used the framework suggested by Berge to... More

    pp. 1-16

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  2. Digital Video Presentation and Student Performance: A Task Technology Fit Perspective

    Arjan Raven & Elke Leeds, Kennesaw State University, United States; ChongWoo Park, Georgia Gwinnett College, United States

    This paper reports the results of a confirmatory study of a Task Technology Fit (TTF) model. Three dimensions of fit:Task Match, Ease of Use, and Ease of Learning, are applied in the context of... More

    pp. 17-29

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  3. Evaluating Faculty Teaching of Research Methodology to Undergraduate Geography Students in a Nigerian University

    Nwachukwu Ololube, University of Education Port Harcourt, Nigeria; Andrew Ubogu, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria; Daniel Egbezor, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria; Ugbomah Nwachukwu, NOVENA University Ogume, Nigeria

    The effective ways of teaching research methods to students is a process closely connected to socializing students towards writing an effective research project before graduation and determines how... More

    pp. 30-44

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  4. Teachers and Technology: Enhancing Technology Competencies for Preservice Teachers

    Jared Keengwe, University of North Dakota, United States; Joseph Blankson, Carle Foundation Hospital, United States; Lydia Kyei-Blankson, Illinois State University, United States

    In addition to possessing content knowledge required to teach students, today’s teachers must be well equipped with appropriate technology skills and tools to guide and support student learning.... More

    pp. 45-54

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  5. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Training among Lecturers in the South-South Zone in Nigeria by the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC)

    Pereware Tiemo, O.T. Emiri & Adobi Tiemo, Delta State University, Nigeria

    In order to bridge the digital gap and to facilitate the use of ICT in teaching and learning among lecturers and students in Nigeria universities, the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC)... More

    pp. 55-66

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  6. Perceived Importance and Resource Constraints of Graduate Information Systems Courses in Turkey

    M. Balaban, Melih Kirlidog & Zerrin Ayvaz-Reis, University Istanbul, Turkey

    Education is an expensive process and the quality of an education program is largely affected by resources devoted to it. Availability of qualified instructors and physical amenities such as labs... More

    pp. 67-80

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  7. Enhancing Students' Loyalty to the Information Systems Major

    D. Hunsinger, Appalachian State University, United States; Judy Land, North Carolina Central University, United States; Charlie Chen, Appalachian State University, United States

    Many colleges and universities face the problem of recruiting and retaining students in information systems related majors. The authors’ study proposes a model to identify the primary factors... More

    pp. 81-95

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