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International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education

July 2007 Volume 3, Number 3

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Synchronous Hybrid E-Learning: Teaching Complex Information Systems Classes Online

    Solomon Negash, Kennesaw State University, United States; Marlene Wilcox, Bradley University, United States; Michelle Emerson, Kennesaw State University, United States

    An empirical analysis in the form of a pilot study was conducted to compare a complex information technology course taught in a synchronous hybrid e-learning environment with one taught in a... More

    pp. 1-13

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  2. Competent Web Dialogue: Thoughts Linked in Digital Conversations

    Eva Fåhræus, Stockholm University and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden; Marianne Döös, VINNOVA, Sweden

    Conducting a dialogue on the Web is a matter of linking thoughts in digital conversations. This article is intended to contribute toward learning qualities in such conversations. The term “dialogue... More

    pp. 14-24

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  3. Understanding Innovative Professional Development for Educators Through the Analysis of Intersubjectivity in Online Collaborative Dialogues

    Diane Hui, Washington University in St Louis, United States; Donna Russell, University of Missouri-Kansas City, United States

    Effectiveness of professional development is affected by the quality of social interaction. This study examines how online collaborative dialogues might influence teachers’ decisions in their... More

    pp. 25-38

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  4. Assessing Online Discussion Forum Participation

    Matthew Shaul, Kennesaw State University, United States

    As a socially constructive learning tool, discussion forums remain central to online education. They have continued to evolve in functionality, acquiring ever-increasing usability features. However... More

    pp. 39-46

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  5. An Analysis of Student Persistence in Online Education

    Steven Tello, University of Massachusetts Lowell, United States

    This study examines the relationship between instructional interaction and student persistence among adult students in online courses. A survey research methodology was used to examine the... More

    pp. 47-62

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  6. The Impact of Distance Learning on Graduation Rates for Information Systems Students

    Susan Conners & Michael Mick, Purdue University, United States

    The study examines a 10-year history of undergraduate students majoring in information systems at a Midwestern public university. The results are useful to faculty and administrators interested in ... More

    pp. 63-69

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  7. Innovative Technologies for Education and Learning: Education and Knowledge-Oriented Applications of Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and More

    Jeffrey Hsu, Fairleigh Dickinson University, United States

    A number of new communications technologies have emerged in recent years that have been largely regarded and intended for personal and recreational use. However, these “conversational technologies”... More

    pp. 70-89

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