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International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education

January 2006 Volume 2, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. A Model for Effectively Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum: A Three-Step Staff Development Program for Transforming Practice

    John Graham & George Semich, Robert Morris University, United States

    Technology training for college faculty has become an important part of the mission of colleges and universities today. Funding is allocated toward not only purchasing new technologies but also... More

    pp. 1-11

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  2. CAL Student Coaching Environment and Virtual Reality in Mechanical Engineering

    S. Sidhu, University Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia; N. Selvanathan, University Malaya, Malaysia; S. Ramesh, University Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia

    This work presents an extension of our study on multimedia patterns of interactions and development of computer aided-learning (CAL) engineering tools. We used four approaches in implementing the... More

    pp. 12-27

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  3. Internet Usage Among University Lecturers in Southern Nigeria

    Sam Aduwa-Ogiegbaen & Raymond Uwameiye, University of Benin, Nigeria

    The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of faculty affiliation and teaching experience on the use of the Internet by faculty members in six first generation universities in Southern ... More

    pp. 28-36

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  4. E-Learning in Taiwan's Higher Education: Policies, Practices, and Problems

    Ke Zhang & Jui-Long Hung, Texas Tech University, United States

    It has been three years since Taiwan started the comprehensive e-learning initiatives in 2002. What is the current status of Taiwan’s e-learning in higher education? What has been shaping and... More

    pp. 37-52

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  5. Learning Theories and Technology: Practical Applications

    Taralynn Hartsell, The University of Southern Mississippi, United States

    Designing instruction centered upon one learning approach is not always practical because there are many different techniques students use when learning new material. Therefore, an educator or... More

    pp. 53-64

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  6. Introducing ICT in a Traditional Higher Education Environment: Background, Design, and Evaluation of a Blended Approach

    Lambros Drossos, Technical Educational Institute of Messologi, Greece; Bill Bassisliadis, Antonia Stefani & Michalis Xenos, Hellenic Open University, Greece; Evangelos Sakkopoulos & Athanassios Tsakalidis, University of Patras, Greece

    Traditional higher educational learning practise is based on the information transfer model where knowledge is passed from the experts (tutors) to the learners (students) by means of lectures and... More

    pp. 65-78

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  7. Telecommunications Courses in Information Systems Programs

    Stephen Hawk & Thomas Witt, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, United States

    This paper reports on an investigation of how undergraduate information systems (IS) programs include telecommunications courses in their curricula. The curricula of a random sample of... More

    pp. 79-92

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