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International Journal on E-Learning



Gary H. Marks

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 4

  1. Developing a Sense of Community in an Online Graduate Biology Course

    Patrick Gentry, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, United States

    The purpose of this study was to inform other science instructors and to determine what best practices in online learning are effective in developing a sense of community and support, through... More

    pp. 5-21

  2. The Social E-Learning environment: Integrating Learning Social Network use in Online professional development for K-12 teachers

    Konstantinos Kotsidis & Panagiotes Anastasiades, University of Crete eLearning Lab, Greece

    Distance Education is the natural evolution of a human-centered branch of education. Recently, the rapid development of social networks has decisively contributed to the configuration of a new... More

    pp. 23-42

  3. Exploring Student Perceptions, Engagement, and Satisfaction with Instructor Made Videos in Online Courses

    Kirsten Lupinski & Marsha Kaufman, Walden University, United States

    This study created instructor-made videos (IMVs) for online courses with the goal of increasing student-instructor connection, student engagement, overall course/instructor perceptions, and... More

    pp. 43-73

  4. Exploring the Impact of Online Peer Discussions on EFL Reading Comprehension

    Hui-Fang Shang, I-Shou University, Taiwan

    With the rapid advancement of technology, integration of computer-mediated communication (CMC) has been widely used in recent English as a foreign language teaching and learning. Despite the... More

    pp. 75-101