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International Journal on E-Learning

January 2020 Volume 19, Number 1


Gary H. Marks

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. A Competency-based Education Approach for Effective On-line Program Design: Exploring E-learning Platforms Compatibility

    Loubna Alsaghir & Wadad Wazen, Saint Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon

    This paper investigates the compatibility of e-learning platforms with a competency-based educative (CBE) approach. Using the European Tuning program model derived from the Bologna Process... More

    pp. 5-23

  2. The C Class Lesson Plan Framework: Disrupting Lesson Strategies and Intentions by Designing a New Style of Lesson Engagement that Deconstructs and Reconstructs the Future of Learning

    Caroline M Crawford, University of Houston-Clear Lake, United States; Noran L. Moffett, Fayetteville State University, United States; Jennifer Young Wallace, Jackson State University, United States

    Disruptions impacting the teaching and learning aspects of instruction have been realized throughout the Twentieth Century as well as the dawning of the Twenty-First Century with the Information... More

    pp. 25-47

  3. Validation of the Instructional Materials Motivation Survey: Measuring Student Motivation to Learn via Mixed Reality Nursing Education Simulation

    Sean Hauze & James Marshall, San Diego State University, United States

    Motivation to learn is an important component of education, particularly in the field of educational technology in which the instructor’s physical presence is increasingly absent. The complexity of... More

    pp. 49-64

  4. Exploring Students’ Use of Feedback to Take Ownership and Deepen Learning in an Online Program

    Tilisa Thibodeaux & Dwayne Harapnuik, Lamar University, United States

    This study explored how students perceive and use feedback to take ownership and deepen their learning in an online graduate degree program. A review of the literature revealed that the context and... More

    pp. 65-88