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International Journal on E-Learning

April 2017 Volume 16, Number 2


Gary H. Marks

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Perceptions of School Children of Using Social Media for Learning

    Robert Blair, University of Southamtpon, United Kingdom; David Millard & John Woollard, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

    ** Invited as a paper from E-Learn 2014 ** Abstract: Social media is lauded as a powerful tool for informal learning, and a tool of choice for teenagers. This paper reports on the findings of a ... More

    pp. 105-127

  2. The LITERACY-portal as the subject of a case study on a human-centered design solution supporting users with special needs

    Dominik Hagelkruys & Renate Motschnig, Universität Wien, Austria

    "** Invited as a paper from EdMedia 2014 **" Case studies help to reflect and to capture information about complex processes and domains and to make it reusable for future application in related... More

    pp. 129-147

  3. Conceptualizing the Essence of Presence in Distance Education through Digital Dasein

    Amir Haj-Bolouri & Per Flensburg, University West, Sweden

    "** Invited as a paper from E-Learn 2014 **" Abstract: In order to learn, presence is necessary. If we experience a genuinely rich presence, exams, tests and other forms of evaluating knowledge... More

    pp. 149-173

  4. Using a Design Pattern Framework to Structure Online Course Content: Two Design Cases

    Priscilla Norton & Dawn Hathaway, George Mason University, United States

    * Invited as a paper from E-Learn 2014 ** Despite the central role that well organized and structured course content plays in engaging learners, the authors point to the absence of guidelines... More

    pp. 175-193

  5. Student Perceptions of Online Practicum: A Case Study

    Gabrielle Wilcox & Jennifer Lock, University of Calgary, Canada

    "** Invited as a paper from E-Learn 2014 **" The purpose of the study was to investigate practicum students’ perceptions of their experience with an online practicum course in an Applied School ... More

    pp. 195-208