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International Journal of Active Learning

Oct 04, 2020 Volume 5, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Development of STEM-Based Module With Integrated Chemo-Entrepreneurship to Enhance Students’ Conservation Characters and Entrepreneurship

    Tria Ruliyanti, Sudarmin Sudarmin & Nanik Wijayati

    This research was done due to the limited learning resources that can be used by students independently. The purpose of this research was to develop a module based on Science, Technology,... More

    pp. 46-52

  2. Implementation of STEM Integrated Ethnoscience-based Vocational Science Learning in Fostering Students' Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs)

    Qori PH, Sudarmin Sudarmin, Woro Sumarni, Bambang Subali & Sigit Saptono

    The low HOTs of students is caused by the lack of opportunities to think scientifically. The research objective was to analyze HOTs profiles through Analyze (C4), Evaluate (C5), and Create (C6)... More

    pp. 53-61

  3. Pre Service Teachers’ Self-efficacy in Professional Competence Courses Offered at Faculty of Information Technology in a Private University in Salatiga

    Krismiyati Krismiyati, Pricilia Tupessy & Hanita Yulia

    Having the belief of being competent in the subject area during the years of training are essential aspect for pre-service teachers. It will benefit them not only during their training or study but... More

    pp. 62-70

  4. Making STEM Equitable: An Active Learning Approach to Closing the Achievement Gap

    Christian Burke, Richard Luu, Andy Lai, Valerie Hsiao, Elwin Cheung, Dustin Tamashiro & Jared Ashcroft

    Active learning is a pedagogical approach which engages students in the learning process, aiming to optimize comprehension of educational material. Meta-analysis of current research shows maximum... More

    pp. 71-85

  5. Design of Integrated Corrosion E-module Vocational Context to Improve Critical Thinking Skills of Class X Students in Vocational High School

    Promes Wahyuni, Sri Haryani & Jumaeri Jumaeri

    Chemistry subjects as the basis of expertise are not placed by the needs of vocational subjects in every skill competency in vocational high school. The need for chemical materials in vocational... More

    pp. 86-93